Vital statistics
Position None
Age 37
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 6'1
Power Magic

Berserk mode

Gender Male
Sexual Orientation Straight
Love interests None
Nebula is Vortex's older brother as well as the twin of Stardust and Solar. Like his siblings, he is a Celestial, which is a name given by Gaians that means "spaceborn warrior". While Vortex is the clumsy, naive sweet sister, and Stardust and Solar have a bitter rivalry with each other, Nebula is the calm and intelligent one. However, his neutral behavior turns deadly when provoked.


Nebula is one of the many creations created by the Moon Lord, a mythical beast. Like his siblings, he was created by accident. The true purpose of creating the Celestials was to build the perfect, most evil entity in the universe. Solar, Stardust, and Nebula were all created at the same time, each of them with the failed purpose to serve as the pure evil entity that their "father" wished for them to be. 15 years later, another creation was built, this time a female.

Not knowing what to do, and neither of them had any parenting experience, Nebula bravely volunteered to care for the young Celestial female. The brothers took her to a distant planet, but Moon Lord, discovering that his "children" were not living up to their purpose, assulted the planet which left it destroyed. The Celestials escaped on a ship but crashed on Gaia.

Relieved that the baby girl survived, Nebula volunteered yet again to care for her. Later he named her Vortex.

Despite rising conflict with the people of Gaia, the Celestials made a happy life.

Biological InformationEdit

Name: Nebula

Age: 37

Height: 6'1

Status: Alive

Weight: 145lb

Race: Celestial

Home: Termina City

Orientation: Heterosexual

Family: Solar (twin brother), Stardust (twin brother), Vortex (younger sister), Redna (niece)

Weapons: Magic

Likes: To be alone, meditating, quiet places

Dislikes: Annoying people, loudness

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