"Ya think?" -Nathan's Catchphrase

About Nathaneal / NathanEdit

So, we have contacted with Nathan himself, and asked him about his backstory.

This is how it went.

"Ah, my backstory? Should I, should I go like, really far? (A: No, it's okay. Just like, you know, get to the point) Well, okay then. I was playing Tag with my father, having a fun time. It was great time, and I went inside the house to get a drink of water. It was indeed, refreshing. Now, as I went outside (NOTE: He got teary-eyed in this part), he... uh... he... *sniffle* he was lying on the ground... *sobs* and then he... there was a knife jabbed in his stomach... there was a man behind him... I, I told that man, "What, what did you do?" He just stared at me and said, "He owed me something. His life." (NOTE: At this part, he got real silent because he was crying) And he... that's it, just stop, just stop this! (A: No, wait!) NO, stop recording! NOW! (A: Nathan, plea-)

He refused to tell us more.


Name: Nathaneal J. Alexander

Nathan and soul sword

Nathan with his trusty Soul Sword.

Nickname: Nathan Age: 42

Likes: Justice, Friends, Family

Dislikes: His Father's Killer, Shane's Evil Side, Lying, and Titans

Weapon/s: Soul Sword

Skills: Ambidextrous, Titan Shifting

Friends: Jay, Robert, Shane

Interests: Finding his Father's Killer, The Secret of Why He Can Turn into a Titan, The Secrets of the Soul Sword

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