Mortogen Testing Labs, or simply Mortogen, is a top-secret Archian testing lab that experiments on patients illegally. Whether or not if the patients were taken by force or signed an agreement to undergo experiments, Mortogen injects a strange green subtance called E.S.V on patients.

It is confirmed that Mortogen is near Selchar, an island in the Pacific Ocean. Mortogen is a separate island south of Selchar.

The testing lab has been destroyed, and all samples of E.S.V were destroyed when the bombing occurred. Since the bombing, the lab ceases to exist and the E.S.V is no more, and is impossible to create, as Alex Smith was the one who created the chemical, but has since died.


Sonya was forced to undergo experiments in Mortogen when she was only 10 years old. They tied her to a table. Even with Sonya's unusual strength, the restraints kept her from escaping. A scientist injected her with E.S.V, turning her skin pure white, increasing her speed and strength, and another ability which grants Sonya the ability to bloodbend.

Shut DownEdit

When the Archian officials discovered the cruel, illegal experiments they conducted on their patients, they sent their military to clear up the place and free the patients. They also arrested employees and scientists.

Present DayEdit

Mortogen is now an abandoned structure in the middle of nowhere. It serves no use to the Archian public. But, a group of humans have ventured to Mortogen to retrieve an unknown item.


  • It was believe Sonya discovered bloodbending by using her ice powers, but it is now revealed that she got the power when experiments were conducted on her at Mortogen
  • The item the humans want to retrieve is most likely a sample of E.S.V.
  • Mortogen is taken from Joe Zombie

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