Mike Saika
Mike Saika
Vital statistics
Position Mercenary
Age 23
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Power Rifle, Martial Arts, Agility
Gender Unknown
Sexual Orientation Unknown
Love interests Unknown
"The name's Mike Saika, and you are?"
~ Mike Saika's catchphrase
Mike Saika is the deuteragonist of the comic Herobrine. He is a mercenary and a marksman skilled with martial arts.

His theme is ArmA 3 Marksmen DLC OST - This is War.

Biography Edit

Past Edit

His past is currently unknown. He is only known to be born in 1537 and to be a mercenary skilled with martial arts.

Events of Herobrine Edit

Mike was walking in the wood and spotted some bandits who ambushed William, Trevor, Ted and Zef on their way to Carnas. Mike then attacks the bandits and, despite their number, managed to kill five of them, making flee the others. Mike comes to introduce himself to William and his friends who thank him for the help. Fearing another attack from bandits, William asked Mike to escort them to Carnas, despite having no money to pay him. However, Mike accepts saying that he also needs to go to a town as well and that he will do it for free as an exception. Now in the group, Mike heads toward Carnas with them.

Personality Edit

Mike is a confident and level-headed mercenary who reveals his freedom from laws or orders. He is a self-proclaimed ladies man and is extremely sweet with women. He tries to flirt with them but is usually rejected by them. When a woman is in danger, he will rush to their aid to make himself look good.

Mike is truly devoted and loyal to his friends. He will help them in the times of need and will never betray them even if profit can come from it. Mike also has good speeches and knows how to defend himself with words while keeping his calm when taunted, even if it ends up with a fight.

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