-Mercedes while running around


She and her twin brother Nyx was conceived when her mother, Luna Delarosa, was raped by a prison security guard. After Luna managed to become the Vampire Goddess, Luna decided to birth her twins immediately. Mercedes and Nyx currently live in the Alvarez Mansion with Luna, the mansion's resident divine being, but do also spend some time in Luna's dimension. Mercedes was turned four after she asked Luna.


Name: Mercedes Delarosa

Nickname: Cedi (pronounced "Sadie")

Age: 4 years

Orientation: Heterosexual

Home: Alvarez Mansion/Luna's Dimension

Race: Vampire Demigod

Gender: Female

Allies: Luna, Nyx, Adrianna, May

Powers: Shapeshifting, regeneration

Family Members: Luna, Nyx

Weapons: N/A

Loves: N/A

Likes: Seeing new people, blood, hugs

Dislikes: Garlic, loud noises, being scared

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