Height: 4'10"

Weight: 67 lbs

Age: Whatever age she chooses to be

Species: Vampire (with the loss of her aging curse)

Eye Colour: Crimson

Gender: Female

Family: Nikolai Delarosa (father, deceased), Circe Delarosa (mother, deceased)

Orientation: Lesbian

Weapons: Sangerosu, the Third Vampire Blade (formerly), Alayakrov, the Second Vampire Blade (current)

Loves: Adrianna Alvarez

Friends: Adrianna, April, Kornen, Kai, Kaivora

Enemies: Dark

Likes: Shade, reading, drawing, Antonin Dvořák music (don't ask)

Dislikes: Fire, heat, garlic

Other Notes: After collecting the three vampire blades, she took her place as the new goddess of the vampires and is now a member of the Gaian pantheon. She is also the mother to demigod twins Mercedes and Nyx.

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