Liliya (now called Layla) is an joyous and energetic zoroark. She is generally caring and loves to help out when she feels like it's a good time to step in. She is a bit emotional in some areas, but generally carries a happy face. She gets sad and/or mad quite easily when someone is getting picked on or bullied, but loves to prank on others.


Height: 5'01"

Weight: 164 Lbs. (most of it is hair)

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Species: Zoroark

Orientation: Straight

Loves: Ty, as she is in a relationship with him.

Likes: Coffee, vodka, Black Russian drink (coffee liqueur and Vodka in a standard glass), sunsets, freedom, pranking, being warm, reading, practicing acrobatics, dancing, snow, hanging out and seeing "the sights".

Dislikes: People getting hurt (unless it was playful and not meant to be taken seriously), heavy rain (gets her soaked), getting wasted on accident, making others sad, people not keeping promises.


Foul Play

Night Daze

Night Slash




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