Name Levis
Sex Genderless (usually takes female vessels)
Age As long as the dawn of time
Species Leviathan
Occupation Going around looking for food

Levis is a leviathan that would get out of the "prison" realm she would be locked in with all her fellow leviathans, she would then be among the few Leviathans that would remain once the rest was sent to the eternal void by Gui

Abilities Edit

Super-Human Strength: being a leviathan, she has an incredible strength that can easily overpower most other beings around the world.

Super-Human Speed: being a leviathan, she can run to an incredible speed, matching even the fastest creature in swimming and running

Super Stamina: she has the ability to run at incredible speed and not get tired even after a couple days, however this will eventually get her tired.

Immortality: she can live forever and never die of old age, however she can die if killed by any of her weaknesses

Invulnerability: she can't be killed by any conventional weapons, however, she can die if: eaten by other leviathan, killed with staretium (a very strange metal, only found in some places through the entire universe), and a legendary blade named "rib of the three fallen".

Supernatural concealment: she can hide from the view of mortal beings, and some inmortals, however this is extremely painful to maintain

Shapeshifting: she has the ability to look like anyone, plus, getting all the memories of whoever she shapeshisfts as

Weaknesses Edit

Borax: Borax, which can usually be found on cleaning supplies is extremely poisonous to a leviathan, making a burn which will hurt the leviathan and stun them for a while.

Staretium: a metal very rare in the known universe, this metal is capable of killinga leviathan or causing a great pain to one, making it a perfect instrument to torture or execute a leviathan, however, due to it being so rare, itss very expensive.

Rib of the three fallen: a legendary blade that is supposed to be able to kill a leviathan in a slash, however, many doubt That it exist, due to no actual record of the sword even existing, due to this, its highly possible its nothing more than a legend

Decapitation: if her head was to be removed and kept away from her body she would stay In a unanimated state.

Other Leviathans: if another Leviathan was to overpower Levis, it could eat her and she would return to the realm she was kept in before


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