"No prob, I think I could take them down."

-Leo to The Shadowed One when talking about a mission.

Backstory Edit

He used to live in West Owl before the Combine Invasion. When it happened, Leo managed to escape from any danger by hiding in the sewers, where he was found by rebels. He joined the resistance then afterwards he joined The New Resistance.

Bio Edit

He is one of the only bounty hunters in The New Resistance who is known by his real name. He is deadly accurate, and can defeat alot of enemies with ease.

Theme Song: Noisestorm - Let it Roar

Name: Leo Rayford.

Nickname: Leo.

Age: Around 23 - 24.

Status: Alive.

Orientation: Unknown.

Home: TNR Base in the Gravitarian Islands.

Race: Aphrion.

Gender: Male.

Allies: TNR.

Powers: Force, Fire.

Family Members: Unknown.

Weapons: M4

Loves: Unknown.

Likes: Unknown.

Dislikes: Unknown.

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