Name: Leo Libord (Random last name of... Well, random)

Nickname: LL

Age: 16

Personality: Quick thinking, smart, and he is slightly rude. Not a total jerk, but not an angel.

Abilities/Skills: Mechanics.

Likes: Nobody specific at the moment.

Habbits/Hobbys: Fidgiting with his watch. Always trying to improve it. He has a bad habbit of punching first. When he is freaked out, instead of cowering or running, his first instince is to launch out his fist.

Friends/Associates: None at the moment.

Family: Jane Libord, Mich Libord. No siblings.

Bio: He decided he liked mechanics when he turned 12 years old. He created his own version of a watch, which has gained in size and add-ons with buttons over the years. He always tried to pay attention in school, being a the A-Grades student. He had very few friends until around 14 years old. He always tried to impress people with his skills, but just came off as a show-off. He is usually calm and like quite to think. He spends most of his time drawing out plans of things he will probably never finish. At his late 15, he started to work on a basic robot. It is not finished. If it were finished, all it would really do is act as a humanoid AI. A basic AI that only takes in a word database and can engage in basic conversation. It is nearly half done, after almost a year.

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