Lance Edit

Lance Alazarr Hitler
Lance with his signature weapon, his Gunblade
Name Lance Alazarr Hitler
Sex Male
Age 18 Years
Biological age The Nuclear Maniac
Species Human
Occupation Professional Assassin, Sniper, Mercenary for Hire
Relatives Zoro (Deceased)
Introduced in Employee 10110
Latest appearance The Dimensional Assassin

Lance is one of DDDaxton2222's most infamous and popular original characters, and arguably, his most sometimes. He is an 18 year old boy who often wears heavy concealed armor, many odd gadgets, Nazi officer suits, and other such novelties. He has red hair and eyes, and is medium height, and light-weight. He tends to be very sadistic at times, as well as manipulative, but also very suspicious and flighty. He is known for carrying around many models and makes of modified sniper rifles and small-arms, similarly changed, as well as a futuristic headset. Not much has been revealed so far about his infamous headset, but what is known is that he has used it in the past to activate various tanks, mechanical robots, exosuits, and his wide array of 47 satellite-based laser cannons. Later, he modifys it to be compatible with an omnipotent device of his own creation known simply as the Hades. During his adventures, he has earned himself many enemies in the past, namely Ocelot's own Alex (and Amy to an extent) to the point where it's become a running gag, even though he later makes amends to become moreof rivals as pure enemies.

Trivia Edit

Lance is based upon, if not directly inspired, from another very similar Lance from the Epic Battle Fantasy series, a popular but relatively obscure Indie RPG done by Matt Rozach. Both Lances are quite shifty, very manipulative, look similar, and use armies of robots and such to justify the means.

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