Lachlan the Eevee

Lachlan standing still.

"Call me Lachlan, call me Lachlan! - Lachlan


Lachlan is an Eevee given to Jay by Lun as a present.

Name: Lachlan

Age: 6

Race: Eevee

Gender: Male

Powers: Changing skill sets, hiding in plain sight and powers of persuasion.

Allies: Jay and Lun

Parents: Dead

Weapons: Himself.

Personality: Fun-loving, crazy, and good to have around.

Loves: Food. 'Specially bacon.

Likes: Jay and Lun and video games.

Special abilities: Voice Translator, hypnotising (rarely) and flying (rarely).

Back StoryEdit

Lachlan's mother died at childbirth, then his father was attacked by rabid wolves which devoured him. Lachlan was found in a shallow hole by Lun, who then gave it to Jay. He was named after a few minutes.

Note from Mark: Pokémon come from eggs. And, He he's quite naughty too.Edit

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