Medical Information: Edit


Race: Mancers

Gender: A4x

Sub-Race: Mixed, Acce-Magi.

Weapon Type: Scythe

Meister: Emily

Backstory Edit

When he was young, Kyle suffered from a psychological disease, and used his "ability" while having a seizure, which burned town the small town of Laberino, which is near Patjiro. He was then adopted by the headmaster of the University of Transmutation.

Description: Edit

Currently the only known Mix that has lived more than a few days, he exhibits pyromancer powers in an offensive capability, and can transmutation without a circle. He was born a weapon, and can transform fully into a scythe, or transform partially, replacing his arm with his scytheblade. His soul-force (the amount of force his soul imposes on others) is 10,526, the current record, when released. He currently wears a binding on his upper arm which forces his soul to assume a soul-force level on 250, still above average.


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