Kyle In The Chatter Box!

"why did the cow cross the road?"

-kyle telling a joke


Name: Kyle McKyle

Nickname: Kyle

Age: [unknown]

Orientation: None

Home: Town Of NetVile

Gender: Male

species : XeNoTie

Powers: Telekinesis

Allies : Sean,cafty.Jack

Parents: [unkown]

Weapons: An iron Sword

Personality: Happy,Jokey

Loves: Noone (yet)

Likes: Making People Laught



Kyle Was From The Planet X

He was Evacuated To Earth Since Planet X Got "Boom Boom"

When he crashed  i mean Arrived at earth, he Crashed i mean landed in a Chatter Box

and you probally know what happend after that 

but just incase ill tell you

well....he told a joke.

message from the creatorEdit

so my first page went good!




ok it was pretty bad!

dont judge me i never made a page in a wiki before!

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