Overview Edit

Cheshire by potatofarmgirl

Kira is a former Amber operative and now an ally of the Elswords and the Archians.

Background Edit

Nothing is known about her past, except for the fact that she dated Els at some point before being submitted to forced confinement to Amber.

Biography / General Info Edit

Name: Kira Koneko

Birthdate: August 4, 1996

Age: 18

Weight: ???

Height: 5'5

Race: Presumed Elsword

Skin Color: White

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Green

Allies: Archians, Elswords

Enemies: Anyone who poses a threat

Weapon of Choice: Titanium claws and katana, using her long sleeves and pony tails as whips


Kira is straight to the point with strangers and is often annoyed by some. She is somewhat mean and neutral to strangers. When with allies, she is willing to fight for or with them and portrays herself as a caring yet creepy-masked female.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Kira is a master acrobat and martial artist. She has demonstrated to have extremely above average agility, being able to evade lasers and high caliber rounds with little or no effort. She uses her long pony tails and sleeves as whips to attack somebody in close combat, as well as pulling out her prized Katana or her Titanium Claws. Most of the time she resorts to hand to hand combat and rarely ranged. She is also faster when running on all fours as opposed to two feet. She can also turn invisible, but the only parts that will show when she is invisible is here grinning mouth and eyes of her mask.


Trivia Edit

  • Kira's look is the same as Cheshire's from Teen Titans
  • When both her first and last name are translated, it translates to "killer kitten"
  • She is presumably an Elsword due to her high levels of martial arts, acrobatic skills, and agility, however no Elsword can turn invisible

Theme Edit

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Tokyo drift - teriyaki boys

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