"Oh, seems like I'm not the only one in space then!."

-Kaluko to Harry when his ship was found.

Kaluko 1-0

Kaluko, with mechanical legs and a mechanical body.

Backstory Edit

Kaluko 1-1

Kaluko, ditto.

He grew up on Avalon with his pack, becoming an engineer and providing the Avali with minor technological advancements.   

Eventually, he created new body to enhance himself and lengthen his lifespan.   

He went on to solve multiple crimes throughout his solar system, and then went on to solve mysteries throughout the universe, although occasionally visited his pack, which unlike him, solve mysteries as a group.   

He ended up getting lost and was later found by Harry in space, who allowed him to stay in his Top Hat while his ship was being repaired.   

Bio Edit

Kaluko is a strong, well known Avali. He has been known for his mystery-solving skills, often noticing really small details of a certain object. He is friendly, but may be ruthless when it comes to saving his friends from danger.

Theme Song: Washed Out - Feel It All Around

Name: "Kaluko"

Nickname: Kaluko.

Age: Unknown, but is around 40 years old.

Status: Alive.

Orientation: Unknown.

Home: His ship.

Race: Avali, Cyborg.

Gender: Male

Powers: Enhanced running, jumping, and kicking power.

Allies: Harry, Ether, Jello, Valentine, Kit-E, SnivyBot, Omega, Remington.

Weapons: VB6 Shard, Avali Holographic Shield.

Loves: No one.

Likes: All forms of life, solving mysteries, a good fight, most forms of music. (But finds certain types of electronic as "irritating".) 

Dislikes: Being defeated, small tight spaces.

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