"Stay back or I'll make you a burnt monster!"

- Kael

This young adult named Kael spends most of her time leaning against buildings and structures, and even nature itself. She tends to avoid interaction with others, but when she's around her friends, she can be a bit crazy.

Kael died when she was accidentally shot my Alex Smith.


Full Name: Kael Alvarez

Age: 21

Relatives: Sonya, Claude

Family: Emily, Brendan

Height: 5'8

Weight: ???

Birthday: September 2, 1993

Race: Archian

Cause of Death: Accidentally shot by Alex Smith


Kael was born 7 years before her little sister Sonya was born, and was born 15 years after her older brother Claude was born. Kael was often absent from Sonya's life due to her being at parties. This was because she was careless when she was in High School, thinking it was a "careless, fun education chapter."

Unlike Sonya, she was born in Archian City, the capital city of the Archian race that eventually fell into the control of Elsians, who replaced the president of Archian City with a cruel dictator. Kael and her parents were one of the few Archians who managed to get away safely from the rule of the dictator.

5 years after the birth of Sonya, her father physically abused Claude, Sonya, and herself. This led to have the siblings have multiple scars on their bodies, symbolizing the cruel behavior their father showed toward them. It was revealed that Kael has scars on her back.


Kael was born with the second strongest Archian power: Flame. She was able to quickly master the art of fire and was able to defend herself and use it on the offense against enemies. She may be more powerful than Sonya, but she's no match for Claude.


Kael was a young adult who liked to keep her distance from people. Whenever she was around her allies, she would quickly act the opposite. She loves to draw and also loves to race Claude whenever she gets the chance.


Kael is reunited with Claude, a bit nervous

Current LifeEdit

Kael, with the help of her newly found friends and the reunion of Sonya and Claude, she managed to keep a stable life with her friends in the cabin. She lives with Eri, but rarely stops by at the cabin. She also owns a Camaro, because she wants to be "classy."


Kael was with General Shell and Robert Hendrix at the abandoned Mortogen labs to kill Alex Smith, who apparently still runs Mortogen, and still conducts experiments on patients secretly.

When General Shell, Kael, and the soldiers reached the Central Chamber, Alex and 4 other humans ambushed them. Alex intended to kill Shell, but when one human tried to pull him away, he fired. The shot didn't hit Shell, but hit Kael in the stomach. She died shortly after.

Theme SongEdit

GTA V Dynamic Score - Lamar Down04:11

GTA V Dynamic Score - Lamar Down


Kael's Car

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