He's the one who's at the ground looking at the 6 manequins. Notice the 6th one is the same as him.

Vertical flag sucess

This is him.

Justin Nickel, is the 6th rebirth of Mark Johnson Crafters.

"Oh... wait... Don't, Don't, Don't! I don't want crowded places! MOM!" - Justin

"Out of all reborn Marks he is the only one, ONLY one who is 13. I think some kind of Time tear broke the rules the Director made." - Lun

"He's weird. And a psycho. And the most annoying kid I have ever known. Oh wait, he's my grandfather." - Laura

"Really?" - Justin


Justin finds himself on a small room, with a locked door. He tried to get out but failed. He's about to die until Ender got him out of the room, and is saved by him. He was then adopted by Lun Alexa Santalune, with a special reason. After that, he's been trying to reach Ender, but always fails. Now, he's been trying to hide from the society, because of something.

Profile InformationEdit

Name: Justin Nickel

Nickname: Justin

Age: 13 

Birthday: ??? because he's lost in time. The RP Time is 2032, not 2014. 

Height: 4'11

Weight: [REDACTED]

Family Relatives: Lun Alexa Santalune

Status: Hiding from Society

Weapons: A pencil and a book. Also one box of cigarette for his friends.

Favorites: Different Species, Sticks, Writing

Likes: Nothing much.

Dislikes: Everything bad, War, Witnessing an murder or death of someone.

Phobia: Witnessing death of someone, Dogs

Special Abilities:

  • Transform - Transform into any species he likes. He can do it by mind or by tapping a special glyph found on his left arm.
  • Rage - When he witness death of someone because of a man, he gets angry and slices the murderer's head off.

Justin's Q&AEdit

So, I have heard you're hiding from the others. Why?

I...I don't know.

Is it true you can fix things?

Yes... But I don't fix complex things.

Will you believe it that you're Mark Johnson Crafters?


Who's Lun to you?

Hmm... My mother, or atleast, a great caring friend.

You, are scared of dogs?!??

... yes...


  • Justin has his own Pokémon named Lou. It's an Eevee too.
  • Justin likes old stuff.
  • Justin's Pokémon Forme is a Flareon. But sometimes it's an Shaymin. Rarely it's an Ditto.
  • People think he can turn into a Time Lord since he can transform into any kind of species.
  • You'd probably think why can he transform.
  • If you have any questions, ask below. Maybe, you may discover every little dirty secret he has.

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