John Smith
John Smith
Vital statistics
Position Blacksmith
Age 70
Status Deceased
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Power N/A
Gender Unknown
Sexual Orientation Unknown
Love interests Unknown
"Take care, my sons..."
~ John Smith, before his death
John Smith is a minor character in the comic Herobrine. He was a blacksmith and the father of William and Wilrus.

Background Edit

Backstory Edit

John is the father of William and Wilrus Smith. When the latters were six, his wife died of illness and John raised them both alone. He worked as a blacksmith and eventually shared his knowledge with William.

In 1560, John and his sons moved to the west of the land following the death of Neo Ashi who ruled the east of the land.

Events of Herobrine Edit

John and his two sons live in a wooden house in a taiga forest. On an evening, John watches William making an iron axe and congratulates him after he finishes it. William says there is an imperfection on the axe but John says it's not a big deal and eventually teases him about it.

Afterward, William and Wilrus argue until John separates them. William asks what he has done to Wilrus for him to act so aggressively with him, John responds Wilrus had a difficult childhood and Herobrine's return doesn't make "things better".

At the sudden moment, Herobrine's troops came across the Smith's house and started attacking to steal resources. John orders his two sons to run away and engages the soldiers in battle, sacrificing himself to ensure his sons' safety.

John is mentioned several times by William later in the story.

Personality Edit

John has a personality similar to William, being calm and patient. He cares a lot about his family to the point he sacrified himself for his sons' safety.

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