"What the cluckers am I doing here!?" -Jay

About Jay:Edit

Jay is a 14 year old boy who succumbs to depression easily, after experiencing the trauma of losing his parents.

He has a littly fuzzy eevee named after an awesome time lord. You can find his page here.

He is friends with Creepclone, Blitz, Yurzi, Shane, Nathan and some others.

He has a second species which you can read about in the next section.

Jay's Sub-SpeciesEdit

Jay has a second species which allows technical immortality. The immortality is a phase when his second form activates. His second form is when his sub-species takes over. Upon trying to explain to someone he has a second species, he tells them he is not 'strictly human',  which suprises them. His form, he personally names 'The Weapon' only comes on when he is in heavy threat of death. He can summon it himself manually, but prefers not to. The Weapon was installed onto him by the military as a test, but he has no memory of this. Some mistake this second species as Mekros, which infected Jay once. He has once killed a close friend who he prefers not to name during a Weapon phase.

When the phase takes over, his body flickers into its pure form, then all someone else can see is an outline-less dark figure. He has godly swords that he can only summon during this phase. He also has a single God sword which he can use anytime. He runs like a blur and cuts through anything that passes him when he is running in this phase.

Jay's BackstoryEdit

3 months after discovering his subspecies, he threw himself into cryogenic storage and nearly died. He only did it so he wouldn't be a threat to anyone. His second form activated four times during the cryogenic period, which couldn't adjust to the cold, harming him. As soon as several troopers got him out of the storage he was thrown into prison for a month. When let out, he ran away from civilisation for 5 months, and then celebrated his birthday by himself, when he go it by the true feeling of loneliness and ran back to the city. He got caught up in multiple wars, and then was near death for  weeks. After heeling up he went out to meet people, and made friends with Lun, who gave him Lachlan the Eevee. He named it himself. Also, along the way he made friends with Blitz, Yurzi, Shane, Nathan and others.

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