Name: Jake

Age: 18





Weapon Power: Gives +2 Attack, +1 Defense, and -1 Speed

Gender: Male

Power(s): Psychic Ability, unknown power

Stats: Attack: IIIIIII Defense: IIII Intelligence: IIIII Speed: IIIIII Magic: IIIIIIII

Special: Unknown name. When near to death, he will transfer all the energy he has left towards boosting his stats, slowly adding up until all the energy he has is gone. He will gain a great advantage against his opponent. His appearance changes from his normal look to an angered, pupil-less being. When this happens he has a dark red aura around him.

Special Attacks: Strong Arm, he puts 1/4 of his power into his sword, doubling the size of the blade and making it +2 times stronger. Psychic Throw, takes the blocks from underneath him and throws it at his opponent with his psychic ability. Sword Throw, he uses his power to duplicate his swords, even tho the swords' blades are shorter it still does nearly the same amount of damage. (More attacks to come)

Finishing Attack: Psychic slash, he uses his ability to freeze his opponent, then rushes at them with high speeds, slashing them (Horizontal, Vertical, Diagonal  Left, Diagonal Right, in that order)

Special Final Attack: Ability Unlock, he unlocks his sword's ability, making the blade stronger and twice as long, the blade in covered with red fire. With this he can defend nearly every attack, and he has very powerful attacks. (Sword now gives +5 attack and +4 defense)

Bio: (Still in progress)

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