-Jacob running into the tunnel leading to another base without anyone noticing.

Backstory Edit

He has the same backstory as most other rebels. He used to live in City 38, until he escaped and became a very wanted figure due to his murder of alot of metropolice on his escape, also destroying a few Combine structures in the process.

He escaped to the Black Forest Base, where he became part of the RAC squad.

He was killed while driving a RAC.

Bio Edit

He is a very crazy but strategic rebel. He is also very destructive, and seen as "Insane" by fellow rebels. He actually has a history of crimes, and was a member of a terrorist organization.

Name: "Jak"

Nickname: Jak.

Age: 15 - 20

Orientation: Straight.

Home: Black Forest Base.

Race: Human.

Gender: Male. (...Or is he? lol jk)

Allies: Jacob, Asya, Jello, Harry, Abram, Aleksei, Boleslav, and other fellow rebels.

Powers: None.

Family Members: None.

Weapons: Standard Pistol, C4.

Loves: Destruction, Weapons, Resistance.

Likes: Resistance.

Dislikes: Combine, his plans getting ruined.

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