"I hope this all ends soon!"


Backstory Edit

He used to be an ordinary person with a family, and he was part of the police before the combine invasion.


When it ended, he was forced into a city (City 38) like any other survivor. He then escaped and became a rebel, but when he escaped, no one noticed. People say he simply dissapeared due to it being so sudden.

He later served as a rebel medic, due to some of his knowledge on health stuff.

Afterwards, he became part of the RAC squads, and assisted Asya on her way to the Citadel.

He died in the Citadel along with a few other rebels.

Bio Edit

He usually seems happy, but he is always depressed due to the war. His hapiness is only acting so his fellow rebels do not feel bad for him. He also is very skilled at using his pistol due to being a police for a short time.

Name: "Jacob"

Nickname: Jacob.

Age: Around 30 - 35

Status: Deceased.

Orientation: Straight.

Home: Black Forest Base.

Race: Human.

Gender: Male.

Allies: Jello, Jak, Harry, Abram, Aleksei, Asya, Boleslav, and fellow rebels.

Powers: None.

Family Members: None.

Weapons: Standard Pistol.

Loves: No one.

Likes: The resistance, NOT DYING.

Dislikes: Combine.

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