"I wuv you, daddy!~"

-Iris, showing her love for her father

Bio Edit

Name: Iris

Nickname: Little One

Age: Unknown, likely pretty short.

Orientation: None

Home: In the forest.

Race: Shiny Ralts

Gender: Female

Powers: Pokemon Moves (Flare Blitz, Confusion, Psychic, Heal Pulse)

Allies: Gardi, Vesta, unknown who else.

Parents: Gardi (Father), Vesta (Mother)

Weapons: Pokemon Moves

Personality: Playful, quite childish.

Loves: Gardi and Vesta (Why wouldn't she love them, they're her parents.)

Likes: Exploration, people, playing the guitar, playing with her friends

Other Notes: She appears to be quite adept with the guitar.


Doesn't really have one.

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