Hunter designs
The Hunter's body and legs are partially encased in an iridescent blue-green carapace. The synth is tripedal, much like the Strider; it has three muscular legs attached to the sides & back of its body, ending in a pair of extremely sharp barbs. On the left side of the Hunter's body are what appear to be three compound eyes, and a pair of vertically aligned fléchette launchers are located on the Synth's front.

Located directly underneath the launchers are two small limbs tipped with metal blades for impaling targets, behind those and on the back are two oval shaped orifices possibly for breathing, vocalizations, or both. There also seems to be a vital organ located in the rear right area of the hunters posterior in the shape of a brain, though shooting it doesn't seem to do anymore damage than normal.

Hunters are heavily armored, and take reduced damage from most forms of small arms fire. They are also highly mobile, able to easily move out of the way of projectiles.

Like all Synths, Hunters possess a number of vocalizations, all of which are shrill, fierce, and slightly electronic. They also appear to leak some sort of white-grey fluid, perhaps blood or blood substitute, when shot.

It is assumed that Hunters are not particularly well suited to urban combat situations as most of their tactics (which rely on speed, range, and maneuverability) are strongly impaired in close quarters. If multiple Hunters are deployed in the same mission area, they use pack hunting tactics like flanking & suppression fire.

Although possessing less firepower and armor than their larger tripodal cousin, Hunters are much more agile & fast. A Hunter will normally attempt to engage opponents at medium range, allowing it to fire fléchette rounds with great accuracy. Since the fléchettes move slowly compared to bullets, the Hunter has trouble against long distance enemies but can cover ground quickly.

Since Hunters are resourceful and quick-thinking Synths, they employ a number of useful tactics to increase the chance of hitting a target - for example, making use of splash damage, and closing distances with a charge.

you. They also charge and and are also able to spear you, or hit you with their feet.

They are deadly in combat, due to their very resistant skin. They can be used for very complex missions in small spaces due to their size. They are transported through dropships in groups of 5.

They come in varied head designs and sizes, depending on the enviroment.

Hunter Rig

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