... What the Nether?

- Hollow Skeleton's reaction to a failed cloning experiment.

Hollow Skeleton is a undead nether being made by Fancy Skelle.

Hollow Skeleton
Vital statistics
Position None.
Age 256 (13 after reanimation).
Status Slowly rotting.
Physical attributes
Height 6,7
Power Many Wither powers, can absorb nether stars for more power.
Gender Male
Sexual Orientation Male
Love interests None.

While he has no regular theme, his battle theme is Reanimate by Warak.

Appearance Edit

Hollow Skeleton is a Half withered human with one half of his face being a wither skull and the other half being humane and healthy. His eyes are mismatched, with the right one being brown or faded blue and the left one being nonexistent due to withering. He wears a dark grey jacket with a Wither face on the back, blue jeans, and black and white shoes.

Personality and Behavior Edit

Hollow Skeleton's behavior is different from many undead creatures, he is usually very happy go lucky and expressive. However he takes extreme seriousness in his work, becoming intent on completing his experiment and can even become moody.

History Edit

Hollow Skeleton, as you would imagine having two lives, has a very extensive history. His history will be split into segments.

The First Life Edit

Hollow Skeleton's name is unknown when birthed in his first life, he lived on a small island with his mother (as his father was deceased due to recent mob attacks). He would help his mother with chores around the house. During his free time, he would practice his sword fighting skills so he could defend himself from mobs.

When he was in his teen years, his mother died to a enemy clan. Hollow ran from his now parentless home to live in the jungle biome that surrounded the village, which was now rubble due to the enemy clan. Not much is known about what he did in that period of years, but it was most likely to advance his sword skill.

Using the wonders of Minecraft, he made a boat and sailed off to other Islands to build an army, he was going to get vengeance on the enemy clan (Now called the Alphonses). His army sailed boats to the island of the enemy clan. Once they arrived, they came over the horizon to the clan. The battle raged for hours, and many of the Alphonses were obliterated, however, Hollow had a Achilles heel, his blocking skill was weak, and one skilled archer launched an arrow at Hollow.

Hollow died that day, he was quickly dragged away and buried at the outskirts of the island.

The Afterlife Edit

Hollow was sent to the nether to rot like all others and become wither skeletons, but his hatred fueled him to the point of stopping the rotting process halfway through. He was locked, half dead in the Nether for years. During this time he improved on his sword skill, but he realized in order to reach his true potential he needed to push himself.

So he did, he used his hatred and Nether power and gained abilities of a full blown Wither. With the ability to throw wither skulls and slight damage regeneration. He was ready to take out any mortal in the Overworld.

Now the only thing he needed to to was figure a way out.

The Reanimation Edit

Hollow spent years trying to tap in with his half rotted corpse so they could be one, after gaining access to his mortal body, he rose from his grave and found his target. The Alphonses clan. He slowly dragged himself to one of it's villages, guards prepared their bows to attack if Hollow were to provoke them.

He stared at them with a lifeless glare, summoned a Wither Skull from his hand...

And chucked it at the nearest house.

It blew to burning bits.

The guards retaliated at Hollow, who was already attacking the guards with full force. Soon enough, the entire village was roasted and dead. But he didn't stop there, he hunted more villages of the clan and they all met the same fate. Eventually the capital was all that was left, and they knew he was coming.

Just like in his first life.

The capital prepared defenses for itself. But it wasn't enough to stop the burning hatred Hollow was packing.

The battle was long and gruesome, buildings crumbled and bodies burned or withered away. He had no mercy among anyone, and the capital was reduced to nothing.

His hatred quickly dispersed after that, and he saw what he had done. He was ashamed, he built a boat and left the island in search of a new life.

The Meetup Edit

Hollow never found another island to start a new life on, instead he crashed into a ship. Marked "THE S.S S.S". The captain and the only owner, Slim Vexi Shady, or Slim Sailor, hauled him onto the ship and saw his face.

Their faces met each other, and they knew both of them weren't human.

Slim asked for his identity and why he was out on the Seven Seas. Hollow said he had forgotten his identity long ago and he was in search of a new life. Slim, knowing how hard it was for monster hybrids to fit in to the regular human race at the time, took him in and made him part of his crew. This crew was called "The Shades".

Eventually they found MineFree the Diehard, and soon enough, they made "The Dimension Jumpers"

The Second Life Edit

Hollow lived with his group in a house they made on a deserted island (Unnamed at the time), and he started getting into science and experimenting. He already made plenty of small scientific breakthroughs that mainly involved potion experimenting and easter egg finding.

But his biggest scientific breakthrough was most likely....

The Cloning Incident Edit

Hollow's undead body was unable to do many normal human functions, and tried cloning himself so he could perfect his form.

He never told the other Dimension Jumpers about this experiment, and he started making the machine. Soon enough he was working on logical cloning processes, such as potions that double the growth of human flesh including DNA and skin or electrodes that speed organ development to the point of doubling. He tested himself the first time with hanging skin on where his legs ended leaving wither bone, the cloning process took hours but eventually created a clone. But this clone wasn't at all like him, it was completely wither skeleton. He took his science journal and wrote in it: "The experiment failed. Miserably."

He tried seeing what went wrong, he found that the potion used for flesh actually destroyed skin, he realized that he used ingredients similar to a potion of harming. He tried using ingredients using a potion of regeneration, and tried again.

The clone was fully regenerated, and had complete skin, but something was wrong with it, the clone was female. He wrote in his journal: "The clone came out almost perfectly, but with a gender incorrection."

Hollow looked at his cloning machine and realized he had made one simple error, he set the "Clone Gender" option to XX, he set it to XY and tried it for a final time...

The experiment worked, and the clone was put in a tube to preserve it in hypersleep.

Now Edit

Hollow now joins on adventures with his group and tries to forget about the past. He always has a cheerful outlook when you meet him and will try to be friendly.

Powers and Abilities Edit

  • Hollow can summon wither skulls that can be thrown as explosive ammunition.
  • Hollow is invincible to potion effects.
  • Hollow is Flame Resistant, meaning he can bathe in lava whenever he wishes to do so.
  • Hollow can inflict wither damage using his stone sword.
  • Hollow can absorb nether stars to increase his power.
  • Hollow has slight regeneration near death, allowing him to go farther.

Faults and Weaknesses Edit

  • Hollow is weak to holy beings, such as people from the Aether.
  • Hollow is a bit rusty at his sword skills, making him a slightly easier target.
  • Hollow slowly rots, meaning he is doomed to die anyway.
  • Hollow has barely any control over himself after absorbing a nether star, making him much more offensive and less defensive much like a wither.
  • Hollow is a bit slow usually, meaning a surprise attack will work on him better.

Trivia Edit

  • Hollow's skin went through many changes, starting off with a Wither Skeleton King, his own Wither Skeleton skin, and a Wither Mage skin until he created his trademark skin used today.
  • Hollow is Fancy Skelle's Minecraft skin and sometimes his persona.
  • Fancy Skelle has a private modpack for the Dimension Jumpers.

Hollow Edit

The Dimension Jumpers
Slim Vexi Shady

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