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"!!! Miss.. I-I'm so sorry!"

- Heather to Eri


What other girl is cuter than Heather Summers? Being the youngest cousin of the Alvarez Family, she is treated with great respect and is seen as a very prominent child. She is also the younger sister of Elizabeth Summers, and she is the youngest child of the Summers family.


Heather was born after the fall of Archian city. She was born and raised in Selchar along with her older sister and older brother, whose name is unknown. Heather was raised with extreme care and always followed her parents' and siblings' example. This lead her to become a very well-mannered little girl.

In school, she never gets bullied and always does her work first. After that, she loves to play with her friends.


The only 2 hobbies Heather has shown is playing games with her cousins and siblings and she also loves to play piano.

  • Piano, Heather is extremely good at playing piano. She has gotten perfect grades in all of her piano classes
  • Games, being a child, Heather's energetic and playful personality allows her to play games that involve extreme movement, almost to the point where she would pull a muscle. However, she has not pulled a muscle yet.


Unturned - Soundtrack (Extended Version)02:34

Unturned - Soundtrack (Extended Version)

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