"You know, out of everyone I know, you guys are the only ones I really feel I can work with."

-Headset to team HRLA and FERN.

Vital statistics
Position Leader of Team HRLA, Lead OC of Jazz Scout's Mind, RWBY OC
Age 19
Status Lost in the Emerald Forest
Physical attributes
Height 5'10
Power Telepathy, Control over Energy
Gender Male
Sexual Orientation Heterosexual
Love interests You'd have to read his mind to find out.


Headset is a 19 year old boy with a "Captain Caboose" t-shirt, black shoes and denim jeans. He is tan with black hair, and bright blue eyes. He is always seen wearing a headset with a microphone, where he gets his nickname, and a pair of teal glasses with tinted lenses.

Personality and BehaviourEdit

Headset is a mystery. He only talks to people he trusts, and uses telepathy to talk to everyone else. He never purposefully takes off his headset or glasses. He is fairly hostile towards most people, but is kind and caring once you get to know him. His real name is Ian Cobbler, but his name is not used all too often.


Headset took an extra year at Signal Academy to train himself more before he joined Beacon Academy when he was 19. After that, he was put with a team of himself and his friends, Azzy, Bub and Lima. He was kicked out of Beacon for blowing up the "Port Fort" a year before the events of RWBY.


He is fairly acrobatic, but winds easily. He has control over all electrical and physical energy. He can also read this energy, meaning he can read neurons. He wears a headset to block the mind reading off, and if it were ever taken off he would be put in extreme pain.


  • Originally, Headset was never meant to be a RWBY OC. He was eventually changed to a RWBY OC when his creator got interested in the series, as well as Red vs Blue.
  • Headset switches between 6 different headsets, his main one being a silver headset with a black ear.
  • His Captain Caboose shirt can be found on the Rooster Teeth store.
  • He uses telepathy, and when using telepathy in text, [it is used like this.]
  • Headset likes Marvel movies, but is not interested in DC.
  • His team name, HRLA, is short for Harlequin. He hates the team name, likely because everyone calls them the Suicide Squad.
  • His real name is based around colours. Ian is loosely derived from Cyan, and Cobbler from Cobalt.

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