Headcrab Zombies are the result of a Headcrab attaching itself to a humanoid figure and controls it's body, usually resulting in a painful transformation for the host, later "killing" the host and leaving the headcrab to control the body completley.

They are very hostile, and behave differently depending on the headcrab attached to the host. There is several varieties, all of them being hostile.

They are usually around raided resistance bases, due to the bases mostly being fired at with Headcrab Canisters, by the Combine.

Normal Zombie Edit

HL2 Beta Zombie

They are the weakest of them all, and usually very slow. They will attack with their claws, and deal quite some damage. They have mouths on their chest, used for eating, and sometimes attacking.

They do not have any special abilities or weapons, as they are just normal zombies.

They are usually most easily killed with a shotgun.

Combine Soldier Zombie Edit


They are much stronger than normal zombies, and also much quicker.

They will attack with their claws, but will sometimes pull out a goddamn live grenade because they are soldiers.

They will also attempt to warn other Combine Soldiers nearby to not get near because they are infected, to not risk any other soldiers getting attacked.

They will be killed easily by shotgun shots, but another way to defeat them is to run away when they take out a live grenade, especially if they are in groups.

They will sprint a short distance, making them a bit more deadlier.

Fast Zombie Edit

Fast zombie

They are the quicker variants, and will usually just charge and jump at their prey.

They will usually end up killing the prey if it tries to run.

They are very damn quick. Avoid them at all costs. They are mostly affected by shotgun shots, but will also being taken down easily with Assault Rifles.

They are very weak, but their attack will deal large ammounts of damage due to the speed of their claws.

Yes they are creepy, but badass.

Poison Zombie Edit

Poison zombie

Poison Zombies are bloated, reddish purple, slow-moving Zombies.

The Poison Headcrabs riding on the zombie's back can leap off when needed to attack on their own, but cannot reattach themselves to the poison zombie once left. How inconvenient.

Poison Zombies themselves are not poisonous, and rely on the hitch-hiking Poison Headcrabs to attack first. Then, it resorts to its claws. Poison Zombies can be detected by their loud, strangulated breathing and muffled groans. They also emit loud, whale-like howls.

The most effective weapon against Poison Zombies is fire; when hit, the zombie will set alight the headcrabs as well. A very good tactic is to grab a propane tank or gas canister, pop out of cover, light up the zombie, and then take cover before it throws more headcrabs. It will die and take its passengers with it without causing any damage.

Alien Assassin Zombie Edit

Zombie Assassin model

They are the result of a headcrab attaching onto the head of an Alien Assassin.

They are really just the exact same thing as a fast zombie, really...

They are weaker to fire than shotguns, as it takes too much shots with a shotgun to kill, so flamable barrels will easily take down the zombie.

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