"I'm creating an army. Don't ask." -Hax4Ever to Cave Story Tribute Site


The oldest known state of Hax4Ever was named SuperYoshiLol. Appearance is a Steve with a green shirt and sunglasses. In 1 BC He was reincarnated as Sonicthehaxghog , Appearance is a EmoIsh looking person with a red jacket. In 4 AD He was upgraded yet again as Hax , Appearance being an emoish person with white hair and a blue bandana with a green jacket, white eyes as well. In 6 AD Hax was upgraded to a new proportion as Hax-MK 2 , Appearance being close to Hax but with both eyes visible, one being green and the other being blue. The current appearance is Hax4Ever , An undead version of Hax that runs on more powerful hardware and wears a fedora to keep all of the insanity inside of his half human half machine head. His most recent form being familiar to Hax-MK2 but now with green jeans, a black shirt, and a grey sweatshirt ,Accompanied with a scarf.

Bio Edit

Name : Zennor Hax

Nickname : Hax

Age: ???

Status: Dormant

Orientation: Heterosexual

Home: ???

Race : Human, Robot

Gender: Male

Allies: ???

Powers: Can hover for short distances, Can sustain a very large amount of damage with ease.

Family Members: ???


A.I.R , A heavy and big sword with various runes encrypted into it. Useful for killing large enemies.

BFG-9000 , A cannon that is able to shoot large spheres of energy that have alot of splash damage.

SPUR , Can shoot a piercing laser beam, Takes a little while to charge up shots.

EQUALIZER , Get close enough to death, and you will become Death himself.

Loves: ???

Likes: ???

Dislikes: ???

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