Harry Tophat


Harry's Top Hat is an object that is bigger on the inside. Although it is designed to look like a top hat, it is actually a "wearable spaceship", As Harry likes to call it.

The Top Hat 2

Harry's really secret room. (Only he's able to enter.)


  • Harry, the person who mostly controls it.
  • Tappy, the AI who assists Harry.
  • Kit-E, Just a robot Harry created.
  • SnivyBot, a robot that didn't have anywhere to stay after being abandoned for a while.
  • HPA-Bot, Harry's personal assistant.
  • Ether, Harry's longtime friend.
  • Remington and Omega, they used to be in charge of fixing any damages done to the top hat, but they lost in action.
  • Kaluko, just a stranded Avali detective who was lost in space after a chase.
    The Top Hat 4

    The main room, with the console and IBAIT controls.

It is really simple, and on the bottom there is a portal that leads to the main room. Inside the main room there is multiple doors that lead to other rooms. It is compared by Harry to tree roots due to all the hallways and different rooms it has. (And is probably reffering to his old undergound bunker, which was under a tree.)
The Top Hat 5

The main room, different angle.

It is really customizable, and new rooms can be added by Harry or Tappy. Most notable room that is usually removed and added back is the guest room, which has 2 beds, a TV, and an "infinite storage closet".

It, despite the lack of weaponry, can be useful in combat as a shelter or as a small shield (or helmet) due to its really strong, bulletproof material.

It is the prototype version of what was going to be used as military G-A transportation, but Harry exclaimed that it was too dangerous and could cause chaos.

The Top Hat 3

Robot charging room.

Harry then fixed up the old prototype, disguised it and used it, and appears to be the only one to know how to use it correctely and safely.

It can track down anyone without explanation, probably due to Harry's ability to read roleplays.

The Top Hat 6

The kitchen.

Despite being able to have multiple rooms, It does not have any bathrooms, as Aphrions (And obviously, robots) don't have digestive systems. Instead, there's a teleporter which leads to Kaluko's ship, which has a bathroom just incase a there is a guest that needs to use the bathroom.

Built in the Top Hat is an AI called "Intelligent Planetary Expedition AI", or also nicknamed "Tappy". The AI has it's own personality and is able to move around the top hat with rails that are around the top hat, which Kit-E didn't approve of as, if you decide to mean to Tappy, she could start messing around in the Top Hat.
The Top Hat 7

Teleporter that leads to Kaluko's ship.

Harry also added a clock that responds to real time depending on the location.

Harry's room, being the one that's off limits for anyone except Harry himself, It is assumed by SnivyBot and Ether that he's either creating some kind of experiment, or addon to the top hat.

The Top Hat

Ether's room.

Guest Room

The guest room.

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