"If I wasn't sure, I wouldn't be here."

- Gaige, about to go into a fighting ring.

Vital statistics
Position Supersoldier (formerly), Underground fighter (currently)
Age 15
Status Alive.
Physical attributes
Height 5'3"
Power Military fighting experience.
Gender Female
Sexual Orientation Unknown, seems to have a low interest in romantic activity though.
Love interests None.

Appearance Edit

Light skin, brown medium-length and slightly curly hair, blue (almost purple) eyes. She usually wears a white tanktop and tan colored cargo pants, both left over from her days in the militia.

Personality and Behavior Edit

She is open-minded, brave, and is usually rather quiet, but when she gets sufficiently hurt in a fight, her adrenaline and survival instincts will take over and she'll become extremely fierce in her fighting tactics. She can be rather blunt at times, and is definitely a "no-nonsense" kind of girl.

History / Backstory Edit

Gaige was born to Eri and May Vizla, on Gaia. She lived there for a few months before being taken to Minus due to the black hole that appeared within Gaia's core. She lived on Minus for a while before she was kidnapped by a militia, who were looking to train her as a supersoldier. She was branded "G-26", and she was trained for around 14 years before she managed to escape. After escaping, she was taken in by May. Eventually, she decided to get into an underground fight club in Monarche to make money for herself and May.

Powers and Abilities Edit

  • She has sufficient experience in fighting, specifically against benders. She knows how to temporarily stop a person from being able to bend, which effectively paralyzes them. During which Gaige can take down her target, such as with a pocket pistol she kept from her military days, and still uses when the need arises.

Faults and Weaknesses Edit

  • She can be rather blunt at times, which can be both a positive and a negative thing.
  • She is unable to fight against anything more powerful than a bender, such as 'Class Four entities'.

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