a lonely person that is hated by everyone.

Froungee rarnsoirl drawing

froungee in a raining day.


likes:friends,help people.


age: 39


froungee was a normal person that was from a rich family.he and his mom was the only ones who cares to poor people.he created a robot and showed to everyone,but they don't liked it.everybody was begining to throw heavy things on him.later that he backed to home,his dad don't liked of what happened,and leaved the house.his mom was the only one who cares to his son.she walked toward froungee and said "don't care on what they are important to me".later froungee sleeped.when he waked up,the house was burning,because of everyone.he ran to the kitchen,an have seen his mom,almost dying.froungee ran to her,and her last words was "son..i will away love you...forever...".and then she died.frounge was crying and screaming "MOM!NO!PLEASE,DON'T DIE!MOM!PLEASE!".and then he was with his mom.later of some years,froungee was alone,without house.he was with his mom skull,with a grape juice,froungee is still hated by everyone.

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