Vital statistics
Position Death Watch Agent (Currently)
Age Unknown
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Power Assorted technologies (See "Powers and Abilities")
Gender Female
Sexual Orientation Unknown
Love interests Unknown


Once she joined the Death Watch, she voluntarily deleted every single trace of her existence up to that point by hiring several professional hackers. Unfortunately, none of these deleted files could be recovered.

Current LifeEdit

She works as an agent for the Death Watch, a large splinter group of Mandalorians, working as a form of hired gun. She currently is preparing for one of the biggest assignments in her entire career; one with the codename "Valkyr". She did come across Valkyr as the Celestials were leaving to an unknown locations, and fought briefly before a revived Gui came and cut the fight short.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

She is quite an agile individual as it is, but her suit (which was made using a mix of stolen MIE plans and the Death Watch's own technology) enables her to use it more to her advantage. In terms of weaponry and equipment, she possesses a wrist gauntlet on her left arm that folds out into a shield that can expand and contract at her command, and another wrist gauntlet that possesses two barrels; the first being a flamethrower and the second being a Tesla Cannon. She has two shockwave generators attached to each of her ankles that enable her to jump much higher than normal. She is also usually armed with a heavily modified DC-15x sniper rifle.

Theme Song: Green Day - Peacemaker

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