"Well, I wanted to experiment a bit. The fragments are figments of my personality, each and every one representing a different emotion or trait."

-Set on the personality fragments


Appearance varies between different fragments. Most come from Set's different plains of existance, those being Set and Glaive. Cobalt is different in the way that he is neither the skin of Glaive nor Set. Depending on how prominent the emotion given to the fragment was to Set, the transparency of a fragment can differ.

Personality TraitsEdit

Each fragment is assigned to a different personality trait or emotion.

  • Cobalt is the fragment of priority.
  • Patience was named after his personality trait.
  • Terra is the fragment of respect.
  • Positive and Negative are the fragments of happiness and sadness, respectively.
  • Photon is the fragment of humour. He constantly cracks puns and knock-knock jokes. The puns are good, the knock-knock jokes are terrible.
  • Proton is the fragment of mystery. While he is Photon's fragment brother, he couldn't get more different. He stores all of Set's secrets.
  • Nebula is the fragment of anger.


Set was an animator. He created and destroyed worlds, but overall, he wasn't the best at it. He decided to do some experiments, and found a way to store his emotions in different vessels. These vessels became the fragments.



The fragments can fuse to combine their physical force. One fragment alone is very weak, but when together, become strong. If all of the fragments were to ever come into contact with each other, they could replicate the original Set.


Some fragments have found a way to become metastable, to feel more than one emotion. To be their own person. These fragments each host one of the worlds Set either created or a world that he liked.


Main article

World Given: Remnant


Main article

World Given: Fortress Earth


Eoin is a fairly sadistical fragment. He is often brash, or rude, to other fragments and to the people around him. He is probably the most aware metastable fragment, even enough to know about the other fragments, and Set. He may be rude, but he has a good sense of humour, and doesn't like hurting others.

World Given: Cowell Earth


Dapper has not only become metastable, but also corporeal with a robot body. He often wears a top hat and carries a cane, not only for show, but he can use it as a weapon.

World Given: Meditale


Colorado is most likely the least aware of the other fragments. His universe is fairly disclosed from others. He is a Freelancer with a fair set of friends, some of which are fragments of different animators.

World Given: Halo


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