Vailing family Edit

The most unknown Ender family ever(or at least on Raphael's mind).this family is known only because Akrer is part of them and they are all dead.

Rarnsoil/Waterson family Edit

This family is known by a lot of mysterious 1715,a man named Hetren was born.he was known by the nickname everyone gave to is because Hetren was 1759,he stopped being homosexual.but everyone still made jokes of 1762,he traveled to another city.he met a beautifull girl named Jennifer W.,that in 1766,he married 1779,a man named Betron was 1812,Hetren 1823,Betron changed his name to Betron Arkelin Michael Archiner,A.K.A. 1828,his sister named Mary was adopted,but Bama gave the idea to change to Ailini,and Jennifer 1845,Jennifer died.Bama started his plan to create machines.his 1'st machine was made with the help of Jeff.the machine was a mechanical version of a famous pokemon named 1846,Bama sold his machine to 1853,Bama adopted a girl wich Bama still didn't knew how to name 1867,Ailini found Bama back and showed her boyfriend,wich his name is also 1869,Bama made a machine of imortality,to make he live 1870,Bama made a machine of imortality to 1898,Bama named her daughter Jennifer,in a memory of her 1934,Jennifer got a boyfriend named Yutaka Muchi 1940,Bama 1941,Jennifer and Yutaka got a son named Froungee,Froungee is the only one that have been seen on the Rarnsoil family.but not on the Waterson family.

Vikryck family Edit

In 1871,Ailini and her boyfriend got a son named Mike 1920,Mike got a girlfriend named Mary 1952,two persons were born,Mac Vikryck and Elixyvir, Mac is dead.

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