Eyebrow le dog minceraft

"wiggle wiggle wiggle"

-Eyebrow Dog's Eyebrows


He was a normal dog on the internet

he got raised by Trouble through the internets

Trouble snuck admin c̶o̶a̶c̶a̶i̶n̶e̶ pixie dust in his dog food

and his eyebrows became powerful

and, along with birdyman and Trouble, he became one of "The Three Creators"


Is this thing on? hm? oh! Hello there! Welcome to my page! I'm Eyebrow dog. Im one of The Three Creators... I WILL quickscope you if you're a noob. Because i can.

Name: "Eyebrow Dog"

Nickname: Eyebrow Dog

Age: ???

Orientation: Lotsasexual

Status: Chillin' like a bawsssss (Alive)

Home: In da homie clouds

Race: Dog/Admin/God

Gender: Male

Powers: Eyebrow Insta-Growth, Creating life, Cheating death

Allies: Some people :I (Birdyman and Trouble)

Family Members: UrAnus and the Sun

Weapons: Eyebrow handsomeness

Loves: Burdyman and Trouble

Likes: Being a dog, eyebrows, big eyebrows, and clean eyebrows. And bones.

Dislikes: bonnie the eyebrowless bunny

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