Eve is one of the best known female Elswords who were ever born. She is known to roam the forests and discreet locations without ever being harmed.


Name: Eve

Age: 18-19

Birthdate: ????

Height: 5'8

Weight: ????

Skin Color: White

Eye Color: Orange

Hair Color: White

Allies: Elswords, Archians, her two companions

Dislikes: Elsians, anyone who poses a threat

Race: Elsword

Aliases: Mystery


Eve likes to keep her past a secret, so not much is known about her. We do know that she was born in one of the most wealthiest sections of an unnamed Elsword city.

When she turned 10, she was given her first Copo named Eliminator, a white Copo with angel-like that can shoot out a devastating laser. When she turned 12, she was given her second Copo named Eva, a black Copo equipped with a sword and can breathe fire.

Once she hit the age of 15, she was given an armor called Shard, a female redo of Chung's special armor called El. Her two Copos were given armor for themselves.

Once she turned 18 or 19, she started to roam random locations so she can spend time with only herself.


Eve is very calm in every situation she is in, regardless if its life threatening or joyful. She can't stand the annoyance of her other fellow Elswords who waste time.

When interacting with strangers, she chooses not to talk or simply walks away. If followed she will calmly yet seriously tell them to stop. If they don't, she will resort to violence.

However, she is shown to be quite caring when she is around her friends, most notably Chung, who she sees as one of the closest friends she has ever met.


She is shown to be quite a fearless foe. She never backs down from a fight and will always fight in a "win or lose" scenario. She can easily evade missiles, grenades, bullets, and lasers. She can quickly catch melee attacks such as punches or kicks. She is quick on her feet and like all Elswords, she is skilled in Martial Arts.


GTA V The Score - Fresh Meat04:07

GTA V The Score - Fresh Meat

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