Erik Koenig
Anime boy
Vital statistics
Position Soon-to-be Commander
Age 19-20
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 5'10
Power Unknown
Gender Unknown
Sexual Orientation Unknown
Love interests Unknown

Erik Koenig is an earthbending Archian who has interest in becoming a Commander to support the Coalition in defeating the Illuminate and the Seraphim.


Erik Koenig was born on an Illuminate planet called New Cathedral. His parents were named Annika Koenig and Jeffrey Koenig, both of them being highly skilled Aeon commanders. At the age of 18, he was enrolled in the Aeon military academy and was sent to the Coalition Commander Institution on Seraphim III, a former Illuminate-controlled planet. He excelled in his studies and graduated, with the Aeon government's approval to submit him into the Aeon military.

However, his plans were delayed when an unexpected large Illuminate force invaded New Cathedral. With the defenses proving ineffective in the air units, most of the commanders were lost in the siege. Erik's parents also helped take down the Illuminate invasion, but were killed when the Illuminate dropped three nukes on them.

With New Cathedral in ruins, the Aeon government sent Erik into the Quantum Teleporter to be sent to Gaia, where he could continue to train against Illuminate tactics. There, he submitted himself into Kaivora's force. Soon, he is scheduled to pilot the new Archian ACU that is currently being constructed by one of the most brilliant engineers, two being Tracer and Jett.

Sometime later, he met Kristen, a Hyperian.


Erik is capable of genuine kindess and respect. His calm demeanor allows him to speak to others without awkwardness. He is also driven by revenge and loyalty, two aspects that allowed the Aeon government to approve of his request to become a commander.


Erik is a skilled earthbender. He is able to bend metal strips and metal cables out of spools attached to his belt. Overall, he can metalbend. He can use small amounts of metal and rock even in combat.

Erik is also capable of becoming a commander. 

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