How Ender may probably look like

A photo of how Ender may look like

Hello people it's Ender here and today I'll put my bio here well not a bio just a place where you can understand better my life

Main infoEdit

Name: Project 17:fail ((Ender: well it says that on my file))

Nicknames: Ender, Enderdudevhv

Gender: male

Age: 14

Species: Nucubian

Orientation: heterosexual

Height: 2 meters

Likes: peace, violence,((not sure how that works but let's move on))food, friends, fire, water, explosions, Star Wars, halo, Colt 1911s, fire and water type Pokemon, and a lot of other stuff

Dislikes: ice, rain, bad guys, DC comics, his enemies, ice and dark type Pokemon, too much darkness or light,people who try to harm him or his loved ones

Allies: Eri, Tyford, mask, Sonya, April, Red, Nat, N805, all his Pokemon, everyone not mentioned

Loves: Sonya

Family: Kote (Mandalorian adoptive father) Ad'ika(Eri) (sister)

((Ender: that's pretty much it))


I'll edit this later is a long and confusing story so yeah...


When 3 raiders went to the cabin to raid it, Ender tried to stop them by shooting them. One raider later ported behind Ender with an Ender pearl, and disarmed him later finishing off with two shots to the head


Deconstructive - Godzend-003:39

Deconstructive - Godzend-0

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