Sculptor punching an Enderman


Sculptor at the end

EnderSculptor again

Sculptors full ender form with weapon

Backstory: it was a normal day in the end ruling the green eyed ones when i decided to rebel because the enderlord was too bossy. so then i had the whole green eye army go with me. so then the enderlord dicovered this so i hid and found you. i was releaved to have a friend finnaly to help. then we found more to defend against the purple eyed endermen.


Age: 20 / Born: 14 April 1994

Orientation: (Idk)

Home: The End

Race: Human/Enderman

Allies: Robert and James

Powers: Has the ability to turn to his full ender form Ender powers

Parents: Father died and mother died due to the war of the Endermen

Weapons: Ender Sword

Personality: Friendly and Bad if war is happening

Loves: No one

Likes: Pizza, Coke, Killing Mutant Creatures.

Favoriute Song Genres: Dubsteb, Classics and Rock.

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