Elswords are a group of sub-humans that are born on the same bloodline as Archians, making Elswords cousins of Archians. Like their cousins, they possess the bending arts.
Elsword emblem

The official emblem of the Elswords


Founding in 2006Edit

A year after the discovery of the Archians by humans, they were not aware of the sub-Archians called Elswords. In fact, no other species knew about the Elswords and none of them knew they even existed. Archians were the only group of species who knew about their existence, and kept it a secret.

The discovery of Elswords was in 2006, when a group of "Archians" were seen executing criminals. These Archians possessed none of the special powers the regular Archians had, but these skills were replaced with-

  • Extremely precised aiming with ranged weapons
  • Quick reflexes and considerable speed
  • High acrobatic skills
  • Highly skilled with melee weapons
  • Technological advancement amongst most species

The "Morphing" AgeEdit

Around 2009, the Elswords discovered a way to morph technological creations into configured models, meaning they discovered the technology to "morph" a car into something else.

Around 2010, the discovery of the Morphing technology was offically named the Morphing Age. One of their first morphing creations was called a Sprinter, a green mech that can morph itself into a Bugatti Veyron. The Sprinter can easily split into a cloud of freeforming "pixels" and can instantly reassemble itself into an object it was configured to.

Around 2012, the use of morphing was used for many creations, including-

  • Weaponry and toolery
  • Buildings and artifacts
  • Mechs
  • Bionics


Although Elswords are born from the same bloodline as Archians, they lack the special born abilities that Archians get once they are born. Elswords are very advanced in technology and are very educated. Sages are Elswords that are born with elf-like ears. All Elswords are good at martial arts. They're overall appearance is the same as the humans or other humanoids.

Eventually, they obtained the power of the elements. Since then, they are the only species besides Archians that can bend the elements.

Notable ElswordsEdit

Theme SongEdit

Legend of Korra Red Lotus Theme Extended-010:48

Legend of Korra Red Lotus Theme Extended-0

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