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Els, one of the greatest Elsword swordsman at a young age of 18, is not a person to mess with.

Of course, his younger sister doesn't care.


Name: Els

Age: 18

Birthdate: September 11, ????

Relatives: Emily

Hair Color: Red

Skin Color: White

Eye Color: Blood Red

Height: 5'8

Gender: Male

Weight: ???

Race: Elsword

Allies: His sister, Elswords, Archians

Enemies: Elsians, anyone who poses a threat

Loves: Emily (she's his sister for godsake)

Aliases: The Young Master


Els was born in an unknown Elsword city, a few years before the birth of his younger sister Emily. At the age of 8 he witnessed his first group of Elsians being executed by a young Tracer and Valeree in a ceremony to prove that Elsians are bad people.

Once Emily was born, he cared for her so much. He made sure that nothing was going to harm her and is still doing so to this day. Emily loved him so much that she would stick by his side whenever they walk together.

At the age of 12, he was given his treasured sword called the El Blade by his deceased father who was dying from Stage 4 Lung Cancer. He keeps the blade with him at all times.

At the age of 13, he was there at his sister's 11th birthday party. Emily was given her treasured sword from her now deceased mother. The sword was called the Elin Blade. Her sword was weaker yet bigger than her brother's.

At the age of 15, he and his sister who was 13 at the time, was placed in the EMA by their grandparents. Once they were older, they were transferred over to the AEO, where the training was more intense. Emily states that Els got "8 minutes and 48 seconds" on a two mile run.

At the age of 18, he and his are now the only ones alive in their family. They roam the forest where he looks out for his sister, much to her joy.


Els is a serious yet caring teenager that's now in the age to become an adult. He looks out for his allies, especially his sister, as she is his only family now. "Losing my sister would mean everything that I've grown up would be lost," he states.


He is deadly with his sword and can use it with ease. Emily states that "he uses it as if it was an extension of his body," much to his disagreement, saying "he's only extremely good at it." He can take down even the most ferocious sword-wielding people ever. He has fast reflexes and can easily evade swings and attacks from other swords.


Grand Theft Auto V Dynamic Score - Mr Philips-005:44

Grand Theft Auto V Dynamic Score - Mr Philips-0

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