Ella's pic

A photo of Ella when she was an uncorrupted soul

"This body is so... I should have picked Kote"

-Ella after possessing April's body

Main InfoEdit

Name: it is presumed her name is Ella

Age: looks 17, however she could have hundreds of years

Gender: Female

Species: Human(formerly), Lost Spirit

Height: about 1.60 meters when in her spirit form

Weight: none due to being a body less spirit

Orientation: unknown, currently possessing a Bisexual girl

Powers: she can float thought the air, has an incredible force, can possess any living body she finds and acquire that body's abilities

Likes: to possess people, warm places, flying, her incredibly huge force, walking, cats, dogs, water, fire, light

Dislikes: not being able to possess a living organism, cold things, mean people. And question of "what's like to be a ghost"

Allies: so far...April (a forced ally), Swarm

Family: non known

Loves: Swarm

theme Edit

In the House, In a Heartbeat - John Murphy04:19

In the House, In a Heartbeat - John Murphy

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