Stalker Combine

Normal stalker uniform.

The Elite Stalker Squads are special squads for special missions that is divided into different groups of 3: Group A, Group B, and Group C. There is 70 Elite Stalker Squads in total.

Each squad is commanded by 1 leader, Squad 38 is leaded currently by Ether. They are very effective in raids due to their very stealthy tactics. They are able to take down a whole rebel base without any other rebel noticing or being able to send any warnings to nearby bases.


They are either equipped with SMG's, Pistols, Stun batons, and the leader can sometimes have a Crossbow.

They also have vests which are charged in charging stations. They are bullet proof, but it will eventually be shot through. Their masks have air filters for toxic areas and enhance vision and hearing.

The leader has a different uniform than the normal stalker units. The leader also can sometimes have a manhack at hand that is able to be deployed.

Ether Metrocop-1

Leader uniform.


They have tactics such as:

-Sneaking up behind and shooting enemies in the head to instantly kill them.

-When missions that require not killing the target, stun batons will be used.

-In a group of 3, they will sometimes surround a group of enemies and shoot them all until they are all dead.

-When the target is nearby an even deadlier enemy, they follow the main target until they are away from danger and proceed to attack.

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