Elias Jack WalkerEdit

"You look outside and see the world in chaos and burning flames. I look outside and see a normal day"Edit

Known Quote


Elias or "Jack" as he prefers to be called by is a normal well rounded individual. Typically silent but not to the extent of a cliche. Under his persona as Jack which is short for Jack The Ripper. Noted by his one red eye. This eye was never explained yet some think it has to do with him being a Nephilim. Jack is known to be kind under some circumstances and has ehm quote "Taken a fancy to ______" yet as his current position as a Hunter and non explained timeframe he is not able to use his Nephilim abilities. Oh what a show it would be. He is very casual and is very skilled in speaking. His Limbo counterpart is a bit mild mannered but he isn't straight rude. Jack has very talented combat abilites and weapon knowledge. He is very shy about opening up to people but get on his good side and he'll tell you everything. But hey he's just another dude right?Edit


Demonic Dodge - Elias will shift through limbo granting additional strength from his demonic rootsEdit

Angel Dodge - Elias will shift through limbo granting additional dodge distance and evasive spaceEdit

Devil Trigger - This is a signature Nephilim move. All will go into a 0G like state and he will have increased power and the combat space will be whiteEdit

Overdrive (Rebellion) - Elias will charge his sword to throw slashes of pressurized air capable of inflicting cuts based on how fast and pressurized they areEdit

Doppleganger - Elias will summon his limbo counterpart in a shadow form to use the same arsenal or available weapons. The limbo counterpart is from limbo so he is slightly tougherEdit

Yamato Conjuration - This one is self explanatory. Watch out for the shiny spinning swords of death m'kay?Edit

Basic Information Regarding StatisticsEdit

Height: 5'6"

Weight: 130 lb

Age: 16

Species: Nephilim (Both Angel & Demon) 

The Two Versions Limbo - Left Overworld - Right

Gender: Male

Orientation: Heterosexual

Relationships: N/A

Likes: TBA

Dislikes: Mundus, Augil 

Gadgets And WeaponryEdit

  • Osirus - Angel Scythe
  • Arbiter - Demon Axe
  • Eryx - Demonic Blade
  • Aquila - Angelic Blade
  • Ebony & Ivory - Unknown Origin Guns
  • Rebellion - Signature Weapon
  • Yamato - Angellic Conjuration Katana

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