Backstory Edit

Ebony was born in 1953, mysteriously without a tongue, causing her to be unable to form actual words and only able to produce raw noise. Her parents, appalled by the imperfect child they had been "given," put the girl in an orphanage, where she was found by a member of the Family. As an infant, she was inducted into the Family and became a Shadowwoman, allowing her to age slower and use shadows to move wherever she wanted.

Bio Edit

Name: Eva Wallace

Codename: Ebony

Age: Can appear anywhere from 9 to 14

Status: Alive

Orientation: N/A

Home: Gaia

Race: Human, Shadowman

Gender: Female

Allies: Her Family

Powers: Has the power to walk through any shadow to anywhere else in shadow. Also has slightly increased physical speed and agility.

Family Members: Ivory ("sister")

Weapons: Clawed gloves

Likes: The shade, writing, doing her job.

Dislikes: Fire.

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