well,i finally made this page.

Dr.Rispen Edit


likes:his robots,killing everyone,jerry.

dislikes:me,a misterious doctor,sonya,ender,eri,elizabeth,everyone on the good side(OH REALLY?).



"this is called "revenge"."-Dr.Rispen when his robot was punching and kicking eri.

"one move,one shot!"-Dr.Rispen when he was holding eri's neck and pointing a gun to her head.

|how he was made| Edit

me,and a misterious doctor was on the place where the zack's clone machine was.the doctor was having a plan to create 26 clones of me,to make human tests.the doctor put the codes to create the clones,and he was drinking coffee.when he finished putting the codes,the machine started to create the 1st clone.the doctor tripped and the coffe was thrown at the machine.the machine exploded and the evil failed clone we know now,Dr.Rispen,was and the doctor was worried if zack was going to know that the clone machine was destroyed,and then,they traveled to a city named "fhoun's jake".today,the doctor is disappeared,and i'm still worried about that.

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