Vital statistics
Position Herobrine's Pet
Age Unknown
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Power Sharp Claws
Gender Unknown
Sexual Orientation Unknown
Love interests Unknown
"Hehe... Quite interesting, master."
~ Diablo
Diablo is the tertiary antagonist of the comic Herobrine. He is a talking Nether cat and the pet of Herobrine.

His theme is Black Mesa OST - Forget About Freeman.

Background Edit

Backstory Edit

Little is known about Diablo and his origins. He is only known to be Herobrine's pet and one of his advisers.

Events of Herobrine Edit

Diablo is seen beside Herobrine on his throne when Wilrus is brought in front of him, answering Herobrine when the latter talks to him. When Argon, one of Herobrine's lieutenants and advisers, advises him to hire Wilrus in his army, Diablo nods when Herobrine looks at him, triggering the latter to accept Argon's advice and hire Wilrus.

Afterward, Herobrine eventually says that Wilrus seems really motivated and looks forward to see what he is capable of, which Diablo responds by saying he's sure "he is really worth it". Herobrine says he hopes "for his sake he does".

Personality Edit

Diablo's personality is currently unknown, but he is seen laughing ominously when talking to Herobrine, meaning that he may be sly.

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