"Some of these memories... Haunt me. But I know they don't mean anything. I don't even think they happened."

- Destiny

A reconstructed version of an old robot, Destiny, serves no purpose in the world. He wanders the world, looking to live up to his name, while at the same time escaping his horrible past.

Backstory Edit

He does not remember much past his reconstruction. Before his reconstruction, he was found by an unknown anonymous mechanist, who took him in and repaired him. He removed his memories, and completely changed him altogether. The mechanist called him Destiny, as he believed Destiny had a lot of potential. When Destiny was activated, he had no memory of his past life. Taking off to find purpose in his life, he gets told he looks like a man who used to be a threat to people, though Destiny doesn't even know the man they're talking about. Destiny even occasionally gets memories of his past life, seeing his life as Mineupbot, seeing the things they spoke of. Perhaps, that's who he is?

Bio Edit

He is obviously rusted, but still young looking. He wanders the world in search for a purpose.

Name: Destiny

Nickname: None.

Age: Physically, he is 22. He has no biological age.

Status: Alive

Orientation: Asexual

Home: None

Race: Android

Gender: Male

Allies: None.

Powers: None. But can access Mineupbot's powers through manual control.

Family Members: Anonymous mechanist.

Weapons: None.

Loves: None.

Likes: None.

Dislikes: None.

Note: Unlike his predecessor, he is more human.

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